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Pirate 2 DAB – Business Hub Podcast

On this show Andrew talks to Mark Peter’s about disaster recovery strategies should the worst happen to you and your business (fire, server meltdown and so on) – and why a disaster recovery plan is a necessity. Other topics touched on are date recovery and the importance of “backing up” your data and how Focus Technology Europe Ltd can help you with your own disaster recovery strategy.

Pirate 2 DAB – Business Hub Podcast

On tonight’s show Andrew delves into what a good IT structure/strategy means for your business – and the risks you could face if you don’t have one in place. Why your IT system should support both your business and staff, its importance and why it isn’t as painful as you might think to put one in place. Andrew also answers the question – “can you run your business solely on tablets?”


Pirate 2 DAB – Business Hub Podcast

On our first official show, Andrew chats to Mark Peters about one of the biggest threats to businesses – viruses, malware, spam and more. Andrew looks at the different types of malware/viruses, how they work, what they do, how to look for indicators that your computer/system could be infected, and why sometimes turning your computer off can be the best thing you do!

Pirate 2 DAB- Business Hub Podcast

On our opening show with Pirate 2 DAB, Andrew Davenport – Managing Director of Focus Technology introduces Mark Peters (MD of Pirate FM) to the company and discusses Focus’s growth and development so far. Andrew explains how Focus Technology sells “Technology Happiness” and tailored IT solutions rather than off the shelf solutions. Andrew also lets the Pirate 2 listeners what they can expect to hear on future shows.

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