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Microsoft License Cost Increase on April 1st

Microsoft has recently confirmed that on 1st April they will be increasing the GBP cost of all Microsoft Cloud Services by 9%.

The reason, as described by Microsoft, is to align pricing to reflect the changes to the exchange rate of the local US currency.

We are not expecting Microsoft to confirm the exact GBP pricing for each service until after 1st March 2023 at which point we will communicate this as well.

To read the full announcement you can view it here: Consistent global pricing for the Microsoft Cloud – Microsoft News Centre Europe

This is not ideal news but there are ways to mitigate against this 9% increase for another year.

Pricing for existing subscriptions for seat-based cloud services offers in legacy CSP and NCE (New Commerce Experience) are protected during the term of the subscription at the original billing price.

Additional CSP seats added to an existing subscription (subscription active before April 1st, 2023) will be at the original billing price.

Licenses under the NCE Monthly commitment terms will be subject to price increases after the 1st of April, for example, a customer transacting business standard on a monthly NCE commit in March will pay the normal price then on the monthly renew in April, will then pay 9% extra and so on for the rest of the year.

If you have any questions as to how this will impact your license cost or for a review of your current licensing consumption please contact us on 01209 613660.


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